Project Owner:
Silicon Valley Clean Water

Project Team:
JF Shea Parsons Joint Venture

Location: Redwood City, CA
Industries Served: Civil-Heavy Construction
Equipment: System Scaffold Stair Towers, System Scaffolding
Services Provided: Competent Person Training (CPT), Drafting & Design, Engineering
Scaffold Engineering: Universal Manufacturing

Project Background

  • Silicon Valley Clean Water’s (SVCW’s) Regional Environmental Sewer Conveyance Upgrade (RESCU) program consists of eleven individual projects which constitute the full replacement and rehabilitation of Silicon Valley Clean Water’s conveyance system
  • JF Shea Parsons JV (SPJV) was awarded the contract to design and build SVCW’s Front of Plant (FoP) project in Redwood City, CA. This advanced two-stage biological treatment plant will serve 200,000 people and is designed to remove 97% of all solids, organic matter, and pathogens from wastewater.
  • The Front of Plant facility includes construction a 70-foot diameter vertical shaft more than 100-feet deep as part of the Receiving Lift Station (RLS), when operational will draw wastewater from a gravity pipeline to the surface for screening before flowing to a downstream plant for treatment.
  • From independent companies to some of the nation’s largest contractors, the team at Universal Manufacturing Corporation is uniquely suited to deliver the highest quality steel scaffolding and custom access products, backed by industry-leading customer support.

JF Shea Parsons Joint Venture

  • JF Shea Parsons Joint Venture was formed through a design-build agreement between JF Shea Construction and the Parsons Corporation, two well-known engineering and infrastructure organizations. The joint venture was awarded the contract for SVCW’s Front of Plant project in November 2017.
  • Universal has played a critical support role throughout the Front of Plant project by providing the highest-quality system scaffolding equipment, design & engineering support, engineered access solutions, and on-site scaffold safety training.


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Follow-up Details

Receiving Lift Station Vertical Shaft Stair Tower Access

After the initial excavation and installation of the support structure, crews will fit rebar to match the curvature of the shaft and formwork to pour an interior barrier referred to as the second-pass wall. This will serve as the visible wall surface and extend 6-feet above ground elevation.

Universal designed and engineered a system scaffold stair tower to provide SPJV with a safe and efficient means of access throughout the duration of the project. Along the way, our team overcame a number of unique challenges including limited space, support, and more than 100-foot height requirement.

To allow space for additional wall pours in the main vertical shaft, along with additional pours at ground elevation, our team engineered custom wall-tie configurations capable of securing the tower approximately 8-feet from the exterior wall and provided bridged access more than 10-feet above the lip.

As part of our complete equipment design and engineering package, Universal also provided on-site Competent Scaffold Person Training (CPT) and supervisory assistance so that SPJV was able to self-preform all scaffold operations efficiently, building and installing the tower in just 3 work shifts.

System Scaffold Dance Floor & Crane Shed Roof Access

Limited in area to stage and assemble the scaffold components for the more than 100-foot requirement at the floor of the shaft, Universal designed the stair tower to be built at ground elevation in a total of five 3-lift sections, then stacked on top of one another using the site’s overhead crane.

The individual sections of tower were lifted into position using a series of custom engineered lifting rigs. Over the years Universal has designed dozens of these custom rigs and employed this concept for applications to achieve a wide variety of objectives.

Custom Engineered Wall-Tie Configurations