We engineer and manufacture shipbuilding scaffold for all of your vessel construction and ship maintenance needs.

From new vessel construction to maintenance and storage in dry dock, access to working areas is a key requirement in the shipbuilding industry. Our team has worked closely with both government and non-government organizations to develop custom shipbuilding scaffold access and fall prevention solutions that have become an integral part of their production and maintenance functions. By improving safety and accessibility around critical areas, our partners realize shipbuilding manufacturing and operational efficiencies throughout their day-to-day activities.


Universal Manufacturing provides quality products along with engineering and sales support for any access needs within the shipbuilding industry. From new construction to maintenance in dry dock, access to working areas is key.

Our Universal System Scaffold allows for maximum efficiency in meeting scheduled deadlines and allowing for efficient access. The hot-dipped galvanize finish on our products allows for long-life and durability in harsh environments. System scaffolding affords flexibility to meet design criteria for internal and external scaffold requirements to access ship hulls.

Shipbuilding Scaffold Access
Shipbuilding Stair Towers

System stair towers are also integral to worker access in dry dock applications. Additionally, we can supply Tube and Clamp scaffolding components which are commonplace within the industry, Cup Lock system scaffolding is ideal for light duty general access requirements.

Our engineering team and customer support have extensive experience designing and servicing the shipbuilding industry. We can provide layouts for all types of situations including scaffold for marine loading and working with your team to determine the best scaffold access product to fit your short and long-term needs. We can provide an efficient, safe design and plan for meeting your access requirements by providing CAD drawings for scaffold design and Bills of Material.


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